The Many Different Parts Of A Tractor

Tractors aren’t very complex machines, but there is a lot that goes into making the vehicle the perfect tool for your farm. A tractor is mostly designed to provide a farmer with a high amount of torque at generally low speeds. Tractors come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all different kinds of uses. Are you familiar with the different parts of a tractor? Here is what this great vehicle consists of.


Tractor Part #1 – The Engine


Similar to a variety of other automotive, the engine is the main power core. Compared to the old days of using horses, it’s not even comparable to the current power that an engine is able to provide. In the early days, steam engines were used. Unfortunately, they were very unreliable and even dangerous. Coming into the 20th century, tractor engines changed from steam to combustion. They are very similar to the ones used in cars and now in modern days run on biodiesel.



Tractor Part #2 – The Transmission


Transmissions are another piece that has had the ability to improve greatly since the beginning of the invention. Old tractors had transmissions that were simple yet durable. While transmissions are still used, for the most part, many are being replaced by machines that offer auto transmission. Manual ones are often unsynchronized with the tractor. This often causes the tractor to have to stop or slow down, causing the burning of more fuel and farmer inconvenience.


Tractor Part #3 – The Wheels and Tracks


On most tractors, they feature designs that have two small wheels in the front and two large wheels in the back. The wheels on the back of the tractors are larger in order to provide a lot of power that the tractor needs. The small wheels in the front help to guide the tractor in whatever direction the user needs the vehicle to go. On some tractors designs, however, all four of the wheels help to provide the automotive with power. Many developments have been made to tractors over the years. One of the coolest has to be lining a tractor with tracks. They look and work similarly to how tracks work on military vehicles like tanks.


Tractor Part #4 – Hitches


In order to produce a lot of power for the engine, it needs first to be harnessed. Hitches are the part of the vehicle that is used to collect the power produced by the engine so that it can perform the various tasks needed.