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gearboxGoela Engineers have been designing and manufacturing high quality, high specification gearbox and produces and export gearboxes and gears for over 25 years and have always been at the leading edge of gear technology with innovative products and power transmission solutions Though reduction & other transmission gearbox.

All products are designed and manufactured with stringent Quality Assurance System and parameters.

Since the shape of the gear is curved, these gears look like a segment of helix. When two shaped gears engage, the contact initiates at one end of the tooth and progressively spreads until the gear combination begin to rotate. Due to this, the whole operation is more smooth and quiet than it is in spur gears. Being meshed in parallel or crossed orientations, these gears are able to create thrust load. These gears together with spiral or gears provide excellent accuracy, surface finish and long running characteristic. Being intricately made up of alloy or stainless steel these gears bear resistance against wear and fatigue. This gear system can be easily installed in difficult conditions owing to its high power to weight ratio and low volume.