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 axle1Goela Engineers is currently one of the leading Axle Shaft manufacturing in India. We are manufacturing rear axle shafts, P.T.O. shafts, propeller shafts for Commercial Vehicles and axle shafts and supply in India and overseas. The Axle Shafts produced by the Company are known for its good quality in terms mechanical and physical properties. Right from the sourcing of good quality steel through forging and machining, the axle shafts are built to quality at every stage. At the core of its manufacturing is the process design excellence that delivers defect free axle shafts.

Send us your requirements for Axle Shafts just by clicking on this link or call us at +919810645100 and you will talk to Vishal Goela at Goela Engineers (a gear manufacturing company) to discuss more. We shall be more than happy to offer our best services and products.

We have developed rear axles for over 100 applications in agricultural tractors, commercial vehicles and machines they range from 3~50 kgs of Finish Weight for LCVs, M & HCVs, SUVs and Off-highway Vehicles. Axle Shafts are manufactured upto 325 mm Diameter Flange.

We also make front axles, front spindles and steering knuckles for application in agricultural tractors for a wide range of tractors.